Ok, so while I have photos today, I also have lots of words.

谷仓…Progress Photos-1

I have been avoiding writing this post for so long because to be totally honest, I have been crazy embarrassed for a lot of reasons, but the main reason being that everything is not perfect, not 100% me, and not the way I saw it my head. It’s also far from being completely finished. The truth is I moved in WAY too early. The kitchen is in good shape, sure, but the rest of the place is just a flat-out mess. I still have no bathroom sink (Monday), I’m missing an exterior door (coming today!) and many other things, as you will see.

在与妈妈和爸爸谈话时,我意识到这只是现实生活,而且它也是最肯定的建设的方式。没有什么是完美的,这是人们一直经历的东西,只是因为我写了一个博客,那不是让我的生活图片完美。所以我不会尝试以不同的方式画画。你所看到的和阅读是野蛮的真理...... .aka生活。


I am learning this the hard way and it is not particularly fun, but it’s REAL. When we set out to renovate this space a little over a year ago, neither my parents nor I thought it would be so much work nor so much of well, a pain in the ass. And umm, that is putting it nicely. I wish I could sit here and tell you this amazing story of how awesome building my own home was and yada, yada, yada, but that just wouldn’t be the truth and as much as the internet, and more specifically blogs, like to create a picture perfect world, I am here to show you that is not the case. Nothing about this process has been perfect and as you will see from the photos, we are not even done. UGH.

With all that said, I do not want to seem ungrateful. I am beyond grateful for everything and I couldn’t be more exited to have my own space and know that it is space that I created….I just wish it was a little more the way I had envisioned it in my head. A little more Pinterest perfect, but I am learning to accept that most things are just not meant to look like they do on Pinterest. I am so excited to be able to work in this kitchen, once it is quiet and all my own I know I will be pinching myself. And even though everything isn’t quite as I envisioned, I am still so incredibly happy with the way things are looking and the way I think they will come together once everything is finished. I feel amazingly lucky, blessed and all that good stuff to get to be on my own in such a great space, yet still be so close to my family.

因此,这种装修很难有很多原因。县和许可证的问题,承包商问题(是,复数),与工人的问题,工人不出现的问题,然后当然是“哦,但我没有留下钱”问题。啊。It’s just kind of been one thing after the next and since I really do not want to be in debt or flat-out broke (and neither do my parents, who yes helped me with this renovation), I was not willing to shell out all of my money for every last little detail that I wanted.

If you ever got a chance to check out myBarn Pinterest boardthen you saw that my style is pretty simple, clean, rustic and… apparently very expensive. I easily could have spent a million bucks on this place if I had done everything the way I really wanted to. In the end, I think that everything will come together and I will love this place to death. Right now I am just living in a giant cloud of dust, with dirt covered floors and painters who are totally stoned. Sounds fun, right?

I have to give one giant shout out to my mom today. First because it’s her birthday!! I am making herthis cakeANDthis cakebecause she is the best and cake is her favorite and she totally deserves not one, but two cakes today! Second, because without her, there is no way that I would be sitting here in my own home in peace and quiet (very dusty and dirty, but quiet) without her. When we went through two general contractors, one of whom was actually stealing money, my mom decided to take on the task herself and you guys, she did a KICK ASS job. No one could have done it better. So thank you so much mom, you will always be the best at everything and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

But don’t be calling her up looking to use her on your next project. She is DONE with any kind of construction. Forever. “Never again” in her words.




Let’s start with the kitchen because I feel like this is the room that everyone is most anxious to see. Let me start by saying that the purple paint you see is being replaced with white. Also, the metal pole-like thingy that you see hanging over my stove will soon be one giant hood. The rest of the kitchen will stay the same. Oh, but I do hope to get some plates over those light switches soon!

谷仓…Progress Photos-2

I ended up going with all marble countertops, and while they are beautiful, they are such a pain. I still love them, but wow, everything stains. I am wishing I would have done marble on the outside counters and a butcher block for the island. I think that would have been much more practical, but they’re there now and like I said, they are so pretty! My cabinets actually did not turn out the way we thought they would. I was hoping for more of a grey color, but I think once I get rid of the purple paint I will like them much more.

谷仓…Progress Photos-3


I got my hardware for the cabinets from Anthropologie. I love them! They were pretty expensive, but I think they are so fun and help to keep things unique.

谷仓…Progress Photos-4





On to the next room, my studio/photo room/where I take all my pictures! I love this room. It’s literally right off the kitchen, which makes my life a million times easier. AND the light is so perfect and while it is a lot darker than what I am used to shooting in, I have grown to love it.


Having so much space is a dream, and over time I will be getting those boards and dishes up off the floor and into my pantry…cannot wait for that to be built. Thinking it will end up as my favorite room!



谷仓…Progress Photos-10

Walking back through the kitchen now into my office. The office is still a work in progress as well. I love my white wood walls, but I need a new desk, a bookshelf and some pops of inspiring color. I am hopping to get this room finished up soonish as I spend any time that I am not in the kitchen in here and I would love to have a super creative and inspiring space to work in.

谷仓…Progress Photos-11

The walls will all be wood similar to the walls in my office and shooting room, only a slightly different color.

谷仓…Progress Photos-12 谷仓Photos-13……进展 谷仓…Progress Photos-14

And now, up my pretty stairs that yes, will eventually have a railing.

谷仓…Progress Photos-15


谷仓…Progress Photos-16

Even though this room is small, I love its coziness. It’s the perfect little room for me. I still need a lot of stuff, like a night stand and shades and things to make the room fun, but again, over time! I have a cute little white chandelier that still needs to be hung, I can’t wait to see it up.

谷仓…Progress Photos-15

And here is the bathroom. I LOVE my vanity so much. My parents found it at an antique shop and even though the sink actually does not work yet, it’s currently my favorite piece in the barn. I love it’s fun color and rustic feel.

谷仓…Progress Photos-17


谷仓…Progress Photos-18